"As a business-minded technician, my role in any industry always provides rapid technical benefits to the business and its employees. I provide high quality robust solutions in the shortest timescales based on the briefest of specifications. Over the last 10 years I have built numerous rapid solutions either as prototypes or long-term installations. I always provide the highest quality annotated well laid-out code and employ an easy to follow small-step logic with future proofing always in mind. Conversely I have been involved in larger projects where my wide range of skills provides a high level of flexibility for project resourcing and often includes management activities.


My philosophy and confident approach to work gives me the ability to deal with all kinds of people at every level. I can provide one to one training, personal and telephone support, as well as presentation of technical proposals and training to larger groups.


I consider myself an all-rounder and have the ability to hit the ground running with an immediate expert contribution."


Richard Sperrin